We believe business is all about relationships.

Information Technology is the how, but people are the why.
At Stellar Connect, a member of the UPSTACK family of companies, we are fortunate that many, if not most, of our customer relationships are measured in decades rather than years. Our defining purpose is to establish strong relationships and keep them. We give our customers the attention they deserve and solve their IT problems quickly and carefully.


Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk
Identify major risks and act on all cost-justifiable mitigation
Mitigate Risk
Reduce Cost
Direct technology and staff resources toward business value
Mitigate Risk
Improve Reliability
Implement appropriate fault tolerance with service level agreements in all key categories

Meet Our Founders

Nanette Kische
Nanette brings over 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry with in-depth knowledge in voice and data services. She began her career in Public Accounting as a CPA managing large scale projects and integrating M&A companies. Because of her expertise in managing voice and data for medium to large corporations she understands how to develop cost effective solutions while at the same time enhancing technical performance. Nanette has developed a proven methodology for conducting contract audits that can yield significant savings. Her formula for success is that Stellar Connect will consistently provide the best technology solutions based on client needs, navigate all the details and go above and beyond to serve our clients.
Mike Eaton
Mike brings over 30+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry and has worked in Fortune 500 companies, small to medium businesses, and startups. As a true entrepreneur he has started several companies and created one of the first cloud computing services because he recognized the changing needs in technology. Mike and his team created 3 successful enterprises that were acquired. Developing strategic partnerships, solving IT challenges and identifying technology solutions are areas of expertise that Mike brings to Stellar Connect.

Technology may change, but the objectives don’t.